Friday, November 20, 2015

Dealing With Death:  I recently got some good advice lately about dealing with a stressful situation.  Part of the discovery was what is right in regards to the healing process!  The answer can be a bag of marbles and choosing one at a time and seeing what you find!  Saying this differently mostly is accepting where you are, choosing right were you are and discovering how to be o.k. with that!  Who is to say what or where you are suppose to be.  Yes, when dealing with grief there is a clear process to which a person will go through, but who is to say when, how, time frames and for what duration.  Just being where you are, the beginning, the middle or haven't even started is where you are!  The awareness and the conversation of what is right now is the "Light" from the flashlight displaying what is happening.  Yes you can wield that "Flashlight" (grieving process) all around the dark room and see lots of stuff you can trip on, but standing still and being right where you are is great.  No tripping from trying to be somewhere or fighting over obstacles to "Get to the end" of the healing process.

Try this:  Awareness of where you are, embrace, breathe and be with your location...then release!