Thursday, November 19, 2015


Just got done consulting with a patient and realized what is missing at this moment.  Kale!  I am going to go get a kale salad I thought.  Here are the many different reasons why kale is so fabulous.
Kale is a complete protein.  We need complete proteins to do many metabolic processes in the body and one of them is keeping or building muscle.  Kale is also a cruciferous vegetable.  This is important for hormone processing and a heavy hitter for liver support.  Kale and its rich green color (an anti-oxidant) is important to protect itself from the sun but also you from oxidation.  Oxidizing is a free radical running through your body, similar to the damaging affects of the sun on a car's paint job, and an anti-oxidant is what repairs and protects the body.  Issues with kale can be that the toxic load is to great that some initially will get "flu like" symptoms when consuming a lot and even more so when juicing kale.